Vantage offers agronomic services including soil sampling to take your farming decisions to the next level. We also have a team of certified professionals to install, train, support and repair all of your precision agriculture equipment. Additionally, we offer integrated positioning services to deliver the accuracy requirements you need to support the types of crops you farm.

Our Services

Precision Agronomy Services

If your fields are candidates for variable rate application of inputs then we can provide a complete VR program with professional agronomic recommendations, or help you implement it yourself by taking care of tasks such as data processing and prescription creation. Precision agronomy doesn't have to mean variable rate, and we can also provide services such as yield data clean-up, GIS data processing, GPS soil sampling, satellite imagery acquisition & processing, and traditional flat rate agronomy recommendations.

Precision Agronomy Services

Key Features

  • A range of GIS services to complement traditional agronomy
  • Variable Rate management zones
  • Prescription file generation
  • Yield data clean-up and processing
  • Satellite data acquisition
  • Advanced soil mapping services available

Variable Rate Agronomy Program



  • Zone Establishment
  • GPS Soil Sampling
  • Agronomic Recommendations
  • Prescription Generation


Precision Agronomy Services


  • Soil Sampling
  • Fertility Recommendations
  • In-Season Satellite imagery
  • Yield data clean-up
Drainage Design & Surveying

When drainage issues are affecting your bottom line, it’s time to take action! Vantage Canada has the tools, expertise, and hardware to help you minimize losses and maximize efficiency. From our proprietary 'Ideal Ditch' maps that tell you where to create drains for optimum performance, to painstakingly designed layouts for tile drainage, the Vantage Team has the knowledge and experience to deliver. We also provide professional surveying services to municipalities for drainage licensing.

Drainage Design & Surveying

Key Features

  • IDEAL DITCH MAPS –Low cost solution to tell you where to create ditches for the best results
  • SURFACE DESIGN – Use WM-Drain software to create a complete drainage plan you can load into WM-Drain and install without surveying each run
  • TILE DRAINAGE – Create a complete tile drainage design with proper pipe sizing, depth, and spacing

‘Ideal Ditch’ Flow Route Mapping

Using LiDAR or RTK elevation data we generate elevation maps and model the natural flow routes of the field. These are then used to create our ‘Ideal Ditch Routes’.

For surface drainage, Ideal Ditch Routes tell you the optimum locations for creating or maintaining drains.

Ideal Ditch Routes can be loaded as a background reference layer on your in-cab display to guide you to where you should be making drains.

Surface Drainage Design

For customers running the TMX 2050 with WM-Drain we can generate complete designs that are loaded into the display.

The entire layout is ‘surveyed’ and validated before you even get to the field – no need to drive the routes to survey them!

Simply benchmark in, select a survey, and start working.

Tile Drainage Design

For farms interested in installing their own tile drainage, we can provide complete tile drainage design services.

Our Tile Drainage Design package includes RTK survey / site verification, complete tile design with optimum depths, spacing, and pipe sizing, plus assistance in obtaining required permits.

Ag Software Coach™

The latest farm software solutions from companies such as Trimble, Climate Corporation, Ag Leader, and more open up amazing opportunities for you to do more with your farm data. Our Ag Software Coach™ program is tailored to you to provide the level of setup, training, and support you need to use these platforms to their full potential.

Ag Software Coach™

Key Features

  • Support for popular farm software platforms
  • Initial setup
  • Installation of on-machine hardware
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

Put Your Farm In The Cloud!

More and more farms are signing-up to data management software platforms for crop planning, field record keeping, precision ag mapping, real-time mapping and machine sync, and financial tracking, among other reasons.

We Help You Get Setup

When you start using a software platform, there are numerous initial steps required to get setup. Typically field boundaries need to be created and imported, farms and field names setup, and other settings tweaked for your particular operation. The latest offerings also require hardware to be configured and installed in all your equipment to provide real-time information and tracking.

Our Ag Software Coaches™ will provide these services to get you up and running with your preferred software program.

We Keep You Going

With access to ongoing support, and the ability to have our experts help out with any problem files etc, our goal is to make sure you have a great experience with your software and get the most out of it.

Trimble Ag Software

Everything you need in one place, with full farming app support for both Apple iOS and Android devices. With specific features geared toward farmers, ag retailers, food processors and crop advisors, Trimble Ag Software provides a complete agriculture technology solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Farm software just got a whole lot easier.

Trimble Ag Software

Key Features

  • Full farming app support for both Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Features geared toward farmers, ag retailers, food processors and crop advisors

Trimble is partnering with farmers, crop advisors, ag retailers, and food companies around the world to transform the way they work. By automating critical workflows, Trimble Ag Software saves time, reduces human error, and enables smart decisions that improve the bottom line.

Trimble Ag Software is the only fully integrated desktop, cloud, and mobile software solution on the market today. Our powerful yet easy-to-use software platform ties the entire farming operation together, and is available anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Visit Trimble Ag Software Website

Installation, Support & Training

Not only do we professionally install your new technology equipment, we also train you how to use it like a professional.

Installation, Support & Training

Key Features

  • Product Support
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Support

From out in the field to inside the office, our service and support staff are here to keep your operation running smoothly.

Our team of certified technicians will have your new technology equipment installed in no time.

We offer local comprehensive repair services to get you back in the field as fast as possible.

For inquiries, please see our Contact Us page

Vantage Custom Scraping Service

Vantage Canada now offers complete, turn-key surface drainage services to implement effective surface ditches.

Vantage Custom Scraping Service

Key Features

  • Our system is precision controlled by Trimble WM Drain and RTK for the most accurate grade control available.
  • We create Ideal Ditch™ Maps for your fields.

Vantage Canada now offers complete, turn-key surface drainage services to implement effective surface ditches. Our 18 cubic yard scraper and 500HP tractor setup is precision controlled by Trimble WM Drain and RTK for the most accurate grade control available. The advanced drainage design parameters of WM Drain mean our setup is highly efficient, creating drainage ditches that flow in significantly less time than competitive systems. Our process starts with creating Ideal Ditch™ Maps for your fields, which tell us the most effective routes to create new or maintain existing ditches. These routes are then loaded into the WM Drain system and used to create field drains that provide the most effective drainage, while requiring the least amount of dirt to be moved, and therefore reducing the time and costs involved.

Vantage LiDAR Elevation Data

Vantage has a library of RTK-accurate LiDAR elevation data in much of Canada. LiDAR is lower cost and more accurate than drone surveys, and more detailed than traditional ground surveys, making it the best choice for use in drainage mapping and tile drainage design. Contact us at for availability and pricing for your farm.

Vantage LiDAR Elevation Data

Key Features

  • RTK accurate elevation data
  • More accurate than UAV surveys
  • Low cost
  • Fast delivery of data or mapping products
  • Bundle with our "Ideal Ditch' maps for fast affordable drainage designs

Vantage  has signed an exclusive reseller agreement with Atlis Geomatics to provide high accuracy LiDAR elevation data to the agriculture market. LiDAR has many benefits over UAV surveys:

High Resolution Survey Data
Millions of survey points on a quarter section provide extreme detail for our modelling of optimum drainage routes (to match this resolution with traditional RTK surveying we’d need to drive the entire field on 1ft swaths!)

High Accuracy Survey Data
A $million LiDAR laser sensor has a ranging accuracy of 1cm – UAV’s with a point & shoot camera just can’t compete!

High Confidence Survey Data
LiDAR penetrates ground-covering vegetation to provide true bare-earth elevations (UAVs can only map what they “see”)

Ready-To-Use Data
With much of the province already mapped, we have high accuracy elevation data ‘on the shelf’ and ready to deploy!

Raw or Processed Data
We can supply the data in raw .las format, in point shapefile format for use in drainage design software, or already processed into drainage design maps, such as our ‘Ideal Ditch’ maps

Download LiDAR flyer (PDF)

Field Variability Assessment

Identifying and assessing the degree of field variability is fundamental to understanding whether programs such as variable rate (VR) will pay. Sometimes not doing VR is the right call! But how do you know? Our Field Variability Assessment uses up to 15 years of satellite data to determine how variable your fields are, and then provides an estimated dollar-per-acre net return on VR vs. flat rate. Use the Assessment to guide you to the best management strategy for each field you farm, and as a basis for VR management zones should you decide to do VR.

Field Variability Assessment

Key Features

  • Proprietary analysis of up to 15 years satellite data identifies field variability
  • Tells you the ability of each area of each field to produce a crop
  • Percent scale provides estimated yield compared to field average
  • Unique analysis to estimate potential costs/benefits of VR vs. flat rate
  • Valuable data that you own

Getting Started in Precision Ag is Confusing

Do I have enough variability? Do I have to sign up the whole farm? Should I use satellite maps, or EC maps, or something else? Where do I start???

• Some service providers require you to sign up the whole farm for VR before they even look at your fields
• Some use satellite-based zones. Those that don’t use satellite tell you satellite is a waste of time!
• Everybody tells you their way is the right way!

Our Approach is to Start with Satellite-Based Variability Assessment

For each field we will compute Crop Productivity Index (CPI) Maps from satellite data. CPI Maps tell us how productive each acre has typically been over the past 10-15 years, and quantify this as a percentage value – a CPI score of 100% means that area typically hits the field average, while a CPI score of 80% typically yields twenty percent lower than average, and an area with a CPI score of 110% typically produces ten percent above field average.

CPI maps

Why CPI Maps are a GREAT starting point:

  1. Satellite data are proven to correlate very well to YIELD
  2. At the end of the day it’s variability in YIELD that counts
  3. Measuring the soil or topography as a first step does not tell you what the YIELDShave been in different areas (It may PREDICT what yield could be, but weather forecasting models predict weather and we know how well they work all the time!)
  4. By utilizing historical satellite-based data we are able to show with a high degree of certainty the extent and degree of YIELD variability within a field
  5. If there is enough variability to justify VR then satellite-based zones are a great starting point, and help determine if other higher cost methods are justified (for example combining our CPI Maps with our LiDAR Topo maps we can classify slope positions with their yield potential):

We then take this a step further….



What Next? How to use your CPI Maps

Variable Rate Fields

• Use CPI as a basis for VR zones and yield goals
• Optionally combine with other layers to build more detailed zones

• Work with Vantage or your existing service provider

Flat Rate Fields

• Soil sample using CPI maps to take samples that best represent the field conditions
• Vantage offers traditional agronomy & soil sampling services
Soil Sampling/Soil Information System (SIS)

A industry leading soil mapping technology that uses advanced sensors and intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms to produce high resolution, accurate soil and topographic information.

Soil Sampling/Soil Information System (SIS)

Key Features

  • Assess detailed soil properties for each field such as soil texture, compaction, root zone depth, moisture retention and availability, and soil fertility
  • View soil analysis for the top 48 inches (122 cm) of the field’s surface in 3D
  • Download soil maps into your farm management software application, including Farm Works Software® solutions or other third-party systems
  • Create variable rate application maps from the soil information to help maximize plant growth

SIS offers precise 3D soil models for dozens of soil physical and chemical characteristics including:

  • Root zone depth
  • Soil texture (clay, sand, coarse fragment content)
  • Moisture holding capacity
  • Compaction characteristics
  • Macro and micro-nutrient levels
  • Salt and toxicity concentrations
Service Repair & Warranties

GNSS technology and data collection tools are constantly evolving and improving. Our service centres work closely with equipment manufacturers to stay up to date with the latest device firmware, application software, and service bulletins to ensure we have the tools to keep your equipment up-to-date and working to its full potential.

Service Repair & Warranties

Key Features

  • Local Repair Centres
  • Free Loaners During Repairs
  • Priority Repair
  • No Lemon Guarantee
  • 10% Discount on Service rates
  • Peripherals included for up to 2 years
  • Parts and Labour included

GNSS technology and data collection tools are constantly evolving and improving. Our service centres work closely with equipment manufacturers to stay up to date with the latest device firmware, application software, and service bulletins to ensure we have the tools to keep your equipment up-to-date and working to its full potential.