Important – Trimble RTX Frequency Change

As of July 1st, 2019, Trimble Positioning Services has upgraded the signal for RangePoint and CenterPoint RTX to improve accuracy and reliability. The current frequencies for RTX have now reached end of life and are no longer in operation. To continue using your RTX subscription you will need to update the frequency and baud rate which may require a firmware update.

Unfortunately, due to the internal growth that Vantage Canada has experienced in the last year, proper notification to subscribers of the upcoming change was missed. As a team, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Below is a list of the minimum firmware versions required for each device to work with the new frequency. For reference, the current device firmware is also listed.

  1. FmX – Minimum V10.01, Current – V10.13
  2. CFX-750 – Minimum V7.75, Current – V7.79
  3. AG-372 – Minimum V8.20, Current – V8.30
  4. TMX-2050 – Minimum V4.2.1, Current – V6.12
  5. GFX-750/NAV-900 – Minimum V1.01, Current – V2.12

If your device is at or above the minimum firmware version, then you simply need to update your RTX frequency in the GPS/GNSS setup for your display. Below are the frequency changes:

  • Retired Frequency and Baud Rate
    • Western Canada RTXWN: Frequency 1557.8615, Baud 600
    • Central Canada RTXCN: Frequency 1557.8150, Baud 2400
    • Eastern Canada RTXEN: Frequency 1557.8590, Baud 600
  • New Frequency and Baud Rate
    • North America RTXNA: Frequency 1555.8080, Baud 2400

If you require firmware updates to use the new RTX signal, Vantage Canada is here to help.

  1. If your system is guidance only, please call Vantage Canada to locate your local Precision Ag Specialist to setup a drop off location for updates. Backup all internal data/configurations to a USB before delivering for updates.
  2. Contact Vantage Canada to schedule an on-farm service call. This option is strongly suggested for any systems that include Autopilot, Field-IQ, TrueGuide, TrueTracker, Water Management or Yield Monitoring. Often other modules and components will need to be updated to match the new display firmware. Our knowledgeable service team can ensure that your system is properly configured and calibrated after updates.
  3. Consider upgrading older hardware to take full advantage of the new RTX signal. Contact our sales team for upgrade and trade-in options.

Vantage Canada can be reached by phone or email:
Phone (toll-free) – (833) 826-8240
Email –

Thank you for your continued support and patience.